“We have government by the majority who participate…”

It’s been said before that you reap what you sow, that what goes around comes around.

This is especially true in our American democracy. John Locke postulate that social liberty declares no legislative power other than that founded by the consent of the commonwealth should hold governing power over individuals. This consent is the source of power for a democratic government whose goal is protection of porperty and general well being. He further says that individuals have a right and a duty to change the government if it ever becomes destructive to the ends they set it up to originally.

When we participate in political activities, we are making attempts to change the government in a way we see fit. In many ways, we often get out of our political landscape what we put in.

It is absolutely true that one will never get what they want from politics or government  if they never participate. The truth of the matter is, the power of participation by individual pushes power to the ends they seek.

Thomas Jefferson is quoted as saying thus: “We in America do not have government by the majority. We have government by the majority who participate.”

You hold power to shape government by your actions. By participating you help shape how you want your government to look.

This is where the Provo Victory Center comes in. If there is any question as to how and where you can place your efforts for the most effect, look to the Provo Victory Center for help. We will put you in the right direction to affect serious change. Contact us at provovictorycenter.utgop.org any time to set up a time to come in.


Chris Larson – Intern



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