What being a Republican needs to mean


The question “what does it mean to be…” followed by some kind of adjective or noun is a powerful introspective question. It is a question that we all need to ask often. It should be noted that there are element of the self that are unconscious and difficult to control and conscious portions that are actively controlled by our will and decisions.

For example, we can decide that we will do more for our health and make changes to our diet and exercise a little more. This requires no small amount of drive and willpower. Some are better at making these introspective changes than others. No matter who you are, you have the capability to make changes within you. This is the same with the world around you. This is what being a Republican is all about.

So… what does it mean to be a Republican?

There are a many great things that interns – like me – are not allowed to address for lack of official representative power.  But there are several things that I can say that are more or less universal to more than the GOP.


It seems like more people today are ignorant or ill-informed on a lot of topics (some including basic American history and political process) despite the infinite capacity of the internet to provide information. Republicans need to be knowledgeable of how the government work at municipal, state and federal levels; the ins and out of the Party itself; possibilities of individual action within the community; of the news of the day at municipal, state, national and international levels.This last point needs to be carefully explained.

First, when addressing news people need to understand some ultra-basic questions: Who? What? Where? When? Why?

Also they need to ask who has what to gain from as many angles as possible. Who has what to gain and who has what to lose? Who is being exploited? What would I do or feel if I was in that situation?

Understanding and talking about current affairs always needs to be done with tact and deeply informed opinion. If you can’t hold a conversation about a topic without getting riled up you need to hit the books (or net) and get educated and stop taking differing opinions as a personal attack. An opinion is not policy that you have to follow. It only has as much power as you give it.

Politically Active

Being a republican without being political active is like saying that you are a bodybuilder but you never go to the gym. Just as the gym is the bodybuilder’s place of functon, the Republican finds their place of function is the voting booth, the volunteer center, the food bank, the pavement flyering or contacting unregistered voters.

People wonder how to be political active here is a list within a list. Note that Facebook is excluded. Political activity needs to happen in reality to have maximum effect. I’ve read more political articles than I can count and it hasn’t made it any easier to get to the polls than if I had not.

  1. Volunteer at the Provo Victory Center. Here we can help you direct your desires to where they need to be.
  2. Volunteer where ever you can to make a difference in your community. All activism is political activism. You make the world the way you want it when you volunteer.
  3. Vote! Vote! Vote!
  4. Make financial contributions to candidates or campaigns


Believe that positive change can happen through concerted effort. If there is no faith in action then action will not happen. If action doesn’t happen then change will not happen. Allowing one’s self the opportunity to believe that they can do some good in the world in invaluable to their attempted efforts.

Stated again, if you don’t believe that you can change anything nothing will be change. Never leave want to see happen in the world in the hands of other. Take control and act.


Chris Larson – Intern




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