So what is the GOP doing differently this time around?

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The 2012 Presidential Election taught the GOP a lot of things. Many surrounded a this core idea: modernization.

In a world of automation, it is abundantly clear that the human element can be incredibly potent, especially if that human is good at what they do. That being said, a human with amazing skills and know-how must stand behind all elements of modernization using the best of new and conventional wisdom and technology.

The GOP has done just that in hiring Andy Barkett of Facebook Inc to take over as the GOP Chief Technology Officer. The hope is that his years of experience as an engineer will help the GOP get the best tools for campaigning, fundraising and voter contact by getting the most effective tech available, all the while making sure that it’s used correctly. Further, his connections to talent within the tech industry will provide further depth to a pool of talent that the GOP could pull from.

The second major element of the GOP defeat surrounded a terrifyingly effective ground game that the Democrats managed to muster.

As stated by Peter Hamby of “Democrats showed decisively that their ground game… is devastatingly better than anything their rivals have to offer. In 2004, Republicans tapped the science of microtargeting to redefine campaigns. That is now ancient history.”

Where does the Provo Victory Fit in to all of this?

The Provo Victory Center is part of the initiative that seeks to combine the best of both elements of technological modernization and improved ground game. The Provo Victory Center is a permanent center for political activism on the part of the GOP loyal. It is a center for grassroots efforts that seek to take the enthusiasm of Utah Republicans to other states. Currently, we use the best in polling and research technology in our phone bank to make a difference in competitive Senate races in Colorado and Alaska. The Center will also a place that organizes and contacts other precincts to organize on the ground operations in other states to make the GOP ground game a fine tuned machine.

In the end it comes down to individuals deciding that they want a national government that reflects their needs and values. Activism here at the Provo Victory Center has a national impact on the political landscape by reaching people in their homes, all the while never going a few miles from home.

If you are tired of feeling like the national political scene is place that has violated conservative, time honored traditions, stop sitting passively. Get involved here and use your enthusiasm to motivate other citizens to a sense of what is good in politics.


Visit us at 249 N University Avenue in Provo, UT. Contact us with questions or concerns at


Chris Larson – Intern


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