Why political activism is sexy

Fact: Political Activism is sexy. Why?

Political activism, by definition, is the practice of vigorous action or involvement as a means of achieving political or other goals. It takes passion. It takes dedication. It takes compassion. It take knowledge and the ability to articulate. Consequently, these are all things that are also attractive in mates.

Researchers at the University of Iowa find that such attraction to compassion is not a recent feminizing trend but a core human schema: “In an evolutionary sense, it makes sense that we would all be attracted to someone who is–or who we perceive to be–trustworthy, loving and sensitive, someone who will be there when we need them and who gives us support”

Further, men and women find that someone who really cares about what they do and the people they know are infinitely attractive than the indifferent or ambivalent. Passion attracts and says that this person will do something that matters about anything they decide to act on. This passion and attitude of caring is what last. Face it. We are all going to get fat, saggy, bald or wrinkly at some point. Beauty is temporary, but personality last forever.

From the Elite Daily on passion: “It’s the ability to set a goal in your life, be passionate about that goal, and have enough gumption to fulfill it as well as build your aptitude. Think about it. There’s nothing sexier than an intelligent man who knows what he wants, sets goals, and ultimately gets what he set out to achieve. Guess what? The same concept goes for females.”

Political Activism takes a great deal of dedication and the reality is that movements fade. Brian Martin, Professor of Social Sciences at the University of Wollongong, Australia, reminds us that “[m]ovements sometimes start with a surge of innovative action, as many people join, attracted by the exciting feeling of change and making a difference. After the first several years, though, the initial enthusiasm can decline, media attention fades, and the movement appears to lose momentum.” Shying away from movements since they are no longer in vogue demonstrates a weak constitution and a lack of everything heretofore mentioned.

Now I want to make something absolutely clear. This blog represents a bit of cheeky humor. But within humor there are always immutable elements of truth.

Activism is not Facebook ranting, posting scathing articles or liking sad pictures.

I blogger snatched a photo from www.crisisrelief.org demonstrates the importance of getting off your butt and doing something.

Jill Luke wrote an opinion piece for independent.co.uk that illustrates why social media is only a tool not a source of activism.

“Herein lies the danger of Facebook political activism. Our society has long depended on students to perform more than their fair share of its political outrage for it. We depend on social campaigning to find its loudest and most tenacious voices in our student unions. But writing a tetchy status update is a very different kind of political engagement to going on a march or even the old Amnesty approach of letter-writing. Because when you get angry on Facebook, nothing actually happens.

Liking, posting and commenting makes you feel like you’re doing something without actually making any difference whatsoever. The opiate of shouting something into the abyss, which is essentially what Facebook activism is, purges your outrage but prevents it actually turning into anything useful. Liking someone’s status complaining about the Bedroom Tax is not the same as actually doing something about it. If a Facebook status is the equivalent of someone ranting at a bar, then “liking” it is the same as shouting “yeaaahh!!!!!!” when they’re finished speaking. You get the high of getting it off your chest and “raising awareness”, but being aware of something is only useful if that awareness turns into more than pity.”

The point that I’m trying to make with all of this is to make activism appealing. To be frank, I don’t care if you are an American communist, Tea Party reactionary or Socialist Radical. I want people to be actively engaged in the political sphere so that they can make pains to build a world that they can be happy living with. But here at the Provo Victory Center we provide a way for conservative citizens the most bang for their buck for their initiative for visiting.

Don’t do nothing. Do something. Become more attractive while doing it.

Come visit us at 249 N University Ave Provo, UT. Or email us at provovictorycenter@utgop.org to let us know what is on your mind. If you like what you see here, check out our events on Facebook at facebook.com/RNCprovovictorycenter.

Chris Larson – Intern


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