Why be a Republican?

I spent a healthy amount of time trying to articulate an answer to that question. But here are the thoughts of people more articulate than myself to explain why they are republicans. I found this video recently and found it be quite insightful. Mr. Guillroy presents a lot of ideas that are firmly embedded in the practical approach of a giving everyone a chance to succeed.

John Elway, a man who knows a thing or two about getting the best out of people, explains that he feels that the Republicans provide the best opportunity for people to be successful. He presents the fact that he may not walk lock step with the party but finds that the GOP is the party that best fits his interest reflecting the colloquialism on compromise: “I would rather work with someone I agreed with 75% percent of the time rather than some who I agreed with only 10% of the time.”

These last two vids are of older men. As much as opponents will say that the GOP is nothing but a bunch fat, old men, it is not true. The reality is that the GOP is just as diverse as any other party. But they maintain a common core of conservative beliefs that are attached to maintaining a strong national defense, using all power resources and maintaining a place were freedom of religion and the press will never be brought down.

The Republican effort is one of practicality, of opening markets and opportunities and letting people find their own path. Humanity is a free and creative being that needs its space to learn and to grow. Republicans know this and build their party around this. This is why I’m a republican.

Why I’m a Republican

As I’ve grown up and lived in both very conservative, liberal states and mixed states. In liberal states, I didn’t feel like my political or religious ideals were at all respected. I was attacked, belittled and discredited for what I believed. If the irony isn’t obvious I’ll say it again differently. Liberalism proclaims inclusion and yet rejects and degrades people who don’t hold their same tenants. In conservative states, I found a lot of the reactionary conservatism shocking and was often confronted for my moderatism. But inevitably a common ground was found and accepted and that common ground became very important to working relationship with people who followed different political tenants then myself.

I believe that humanity (particularly Americans) are innovative and creative to the extreme measure. They need open space and a level playing field and not a guaranteed end. I believe that we all have the same potential for greatness. But that greatness is only expanded by great efforts. If there is a great idea or person, it or they will overcome and their greatness will be obvious.

Conservatism, as I understand it, is based on working on and adapting what has worked greatly in the past and not completely destroying a policy or function simply to created the illusion of progress. If something is not broken, it doesn’t need to be fixed and ought not to be abandoned. But, if it is broken and not working a creative and innovative individual has an obligation to fix it. This is conservatism to me.

If you feel the same way join us at the Provo Victory Center to assure that these beliefs remain well represented in national government.

Contact us at provovictorycenter@utgop.org or at facebook.com/RNCProvoVictoryCenter. 



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