A Day with Governor Gary Herbert and UTGOP Chairman James Evans – June National Day of Action

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June 16, 2014

Governor Gary Herbert and Utah GOP Chairman James Evans graced the Provo Victory Center on Saturday, June 14, to support the Republican National Committee’s Provo Victory Center.

In his time there, Governor Herbert made the 50,000th call ever made from the Provo Victory Center. Most volunteer callers typically have to call through several disconnected or inactive numbers only to reach an answering machine. But Governor Herbert, by luck or by skill, managed to reach a real human being and successfully complete a survey.

In his time at the Provo Victory Center, Governor Herbert gave a brief address before fielding questions from the audience of about thirty volunteers. In his address, Governor Herbert made it very clear that Utah was a successful state because of the embrace of free market principles and that capitalism was able to function in its best capacity. He referenced the fact that the Wall Street Journal once called Utah “The Brightest Star on the Flag.”

The governor’s office has since made a rather impressive video making it clear why Utah is indeed the brightest star on the flag.

Provo is a particularly bright but of nuclear fusion.

“Clearly it is not only a tech hub but it is also political hub. So, it is an integral part to the economy and our political future,” UTGOP Chairman James Evans said in regard to Provo’s importance. That importance is made even more obvious in seeing that Provo (specificially the Provo Victory Center) has made major contributions to the Republican voter contact effort.

“In one month we contacted over 1.3 million voters on behalf of our Republican candidates in target Senate states and Congressional Districts,” said RNC Political Director Chris McNulty in a party-wide email.

“We ended the day with 5,200 dials and we ended near the top in the country,” according to PVC Field Director Steven Jackson.

Later in the party-wide email, Chris McNulty continues:

“During our Month of Action, we ramped up our voter contact efforts and set out to reach one million voters in one month—and we dramatically exceeded our goal. This is really remarkable. Thanks to the support from our army of volunteers, and your support, we are better positioned to win this year than ever before. Victory 365 – our new year-round, local neighborhood-based voter contact program – is working. And our efforts are paying off.”

So what would the outcome of continued success look like? The end game is a greater spirit of political activity and a greater sense of the truth of America’s conservative roots.

When asked of what a greatly more politically active citizenry would look like, Chairman Evans continues on by saying “… the government is basically the same. I don’t see much difference. But it would be a center-right government, because the nation, and particularly Utah, is center-right. That is what you would see.”

The reality is that a lot of the problems that we face in our political climate or culture is due to the reality that the everyday citizen is not involved and, more likely than not, oblivious to political reality.

“[T]he foundation of the county is the everyday citizen it’s not the government. That’s were we are losing focus. When the everyday citizen is not involved that’s when the country gets in trouble,” Chairman Evans says.


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