About Provo Victory Center

Who We Are

This blog contains the comings and goings of of the Republican National Party’s new Victory Center in Provo, Utah. An extension of the RNC’s Victory 365 program, the Provo Victory Center is dedicated to giving conservatives of all shades a place where they can make a difference.

We are dedicated to assuring that conservative values like family, efficient government, free markets and constitutional tradition stay strong in our government. We do that by organizing the passion and dedication of hardworking men and women here in Provo who want to have their own hand in their political future. The time of passive confidence in what we value is over. The time where it was assumed that everybody held the same basic moral system is gone; along with it, the confidence that the values that we hold will stay strong with no effort.

Now is the time to stand up and take a stand for what you believe. If you believe like we do – that government should be limited, strong national defense is essential to future prominence, and in active diplomatic relation – then join us in the continuing quest for representation in our national government.

What We Do 

Specifically, we are phone bank that conducts market research that helps leadership make important decisions, fundraising for the party, helping citizens register to vote and motivate people to get out and vote or help in other volunteer events. We facilitate efforts on a volunteer basis.

Contact us: 

Field Director: Steven Jackson





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