Who’s Who at the Provo Victory Center?

This page profiles all the great people here who make up the faces and personalities in the Provo Victory Center.


Steve Jackson – Field Director

Steve Jackson in an Oregon native with a love of all things Portland. Known to wear Portland Timbers gear to Real Salt Lake games (a move that this writer doesn’t recommend), Steve is proud of his roots and cheers louder than most even in the face of a pitiful playoff demise (Portland Trailblazers v. San Antonio Spurs, 1-4 San Antonio). Similarly, Steve is passionate about his role in politics. He has served and worked in many capacities within the political realm.

  1. City Council Campaign – Dave Sewell City Council
  2. Mitt Romney Campaign – Event Planner with Romney Advanced Team
  3. Mia Love Campaign – State Delegate Coordinator

His basic responsibilities here at the Center are to increase the numbers of regular volunteers, guaranteeing that various Party driven goals are achieved, ensuring that the facility is maintained, keeping the snack hoard well stocked and motivating everyone to give their all.

He is a BYU-I graduate with a degree in Political Science and a minor in Business Management and is currently working on a Master of Public Administration with USC.


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